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Pet Treat Catapult Dog Toy
Pet Treat Catapult Dog Toy
Pet Treat Catapult Dog Toy

Pet Treat Catapult Dog Toy

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Reward your Pet at the Pull of a Trigger!

Lock'n'load! Make treat time a fun time. Indulge your furbaby with his favourite treat in an interesting and entertaining way. Load your treats into the canister, pull the level, aim and shoot! It's a compact little device that requires no batteries or assembly. It's lots of fun and a great way to bond with your puppy.

Nifty Design: This is a compact dog treat launcher with a well-engineered ergonomic design for easy use and handling. The unit is divided into two sections: the handle, which houses the launch and loading mechanism, and the blister-shaped top loading compartment which contains the launcher's "ammunition".

Fun Reward: This dog treat launcher collar is built to throw treats up to 3 metres, making it a fantastic fun way to train and reward your pet; it's the perfect accessory for active and hyperactive dogs.

Lightweight and Portable: It is equipped with a strap for easy carriage. It also has grooves on the handle, making it comfortable to use even when you play with your dog for extended periods of time.

Eco-Friendly: Made of ABS plastic, which is a recyclable material. This makes it a safe and environmentally friendly toy for your dog.

Vivid and Fascinating Colours: As far as appearance is concerned, this model is available in three different colours. All of them attract attention and can set your dog running. So, pick your dog's favourite colour or choose all three.

For Cats and Dogs: This clever toy is not only suitable for dogs, it can actually be used to play with all kinds of animals. Your kitten will also enjoy this toy. And have a blast playing with you.


Discover a Great Way to Feed Your Pets and Bond During Games

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It comes with a wrist strap, that makes it very portable.
The handle is designed to give you a comfortable grip.
Perfect for dogs and cats, easy to load and fun to use.
This toy is great interactive fun for you and your dog/cat.
It is easy to load with your pet's favorite treats and has a spring-loaded trigger to launch treats.
No need to hold those treats and worry about getting the crumbs off your hands.
You can now keep your hands free to pet your dog.

Type: Pet Treat Launcher
Color: Random
Material: ABS Plastic
Features: Portable Size, Pet Feeder, Durable
Size: 19cm x 11cm x 3cm/7.48" x 4.33" x 1.18" (Approx.)

Package Content
1 x Pet Treat Launcher