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Dog Tooth Brushing Molar Toy
Dog Tooth Brushing Molar Toy
Dog Tooth Brushing Molar Toy
Dog Tooth Brushing Molar Toy
Dog Tooth Brushing Molar Toy
Dog Tooth Brushing Molar Toy
Dog Tooth Brushing Molar Toy

Dog Tooth Brushing Molar Toy

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Tested on animals and they loved it.

Do you want to make crate training easier? Extend play-time? Calm your dog naturally? Clean his or her teeth? Be sure to check out our Dog Molar Toy

A toy that your dog will approve of. Delicately designed with top quality TPR rubber, strong bumps, and a thick rim. It will extend your furry baby's playtime for hours, and allow you to focus on what you do best. Uniquely designed with a natural rubber formula. It is the softest among the rubber toys line. Carefully designed to meet the needs of your puppy and adult dog. It teaches proper chewing behaviour, cleans your dog's teeth, and meets his/her natural needs.

Pro-Healthy Teeth: Its chewing properties, strong bumps, and thick edges help clean your puppy's teeth and gums and remove tartar. It also promotes the production of antibacterial saliva that cleans your dog's mouth and improves the smell of his breath!

Brilliantly Designed: Uniquely designed to meet the needs of the 28 milk teeth of puppies and the 42 permanent teeth of adult dogs. It helps teach your puppy proper chewing behaviour, while satisfying the instinctive needs of your adult dog.

Environmentally Friendly: Purposely made of safe and degradable plastic. Because it has a faster cycle time, a shorter production time, and, ultimately, it is environmentally friendly.

Light & Robust: The toy is absolutely light and rubbery, but it certainly packs a punch. Built with soft, chewy bumps, it can withstand all the rough treatment your dog throws at it.

Non-Toxic & Natural: It is made from food-grade TPR material and natural rubber, it is totally safe and harmless for your doggo who can show it off and play with it all day long with no problems.

Leave your dog with clean teeth and good breath.


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Natural rubber material prevents gum bleeding
Soft bump
Thoroughly clean dog teeth

Material: Rubber
S number [size: 122mm*126mm]
M number [size: 126mm*125mm]
L number [size: 156mm*155mm]
Color: green, pink, blue, lake blue, food-grade transparent color

Package Content:
1 x toothbrush